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Wireless from Provargo (cloud)



Cloud based WallRack. Danish design with full control

Provargo presents a new cloud-based WallRack in Danish design. The WallRack units is modular to always contain the required number of bottles for each bar. 


The system gives the possibility to change the brightness and color of each WallRack easily. The WallRack system is very reliable and very accurate, counting all pours and bottle shifts with timestamps. Each non-drip is approved by National Weights and Measures.

Pouring data, from all units, is continuously send to the cloud. All data will be displayed in detailed reports. The Cloud-solution provides a full overview, also if more outlets/venues have to be monitored at the same time.

  • Get detailed reports with timestamps, which can be transferred to Excel. The reporting is also graphically illustrated, for easy overview.
  • Full control and overview of all dispensing
  • Combining reports from several locations
  • Get exact overview of the present stock level in all bars, and backup stocks.
  • Get generated purchase list, showing detailed purchasing needs to go in full stock
  • ProCloud App. provides push notifications for various events, like low stock on specific products, unauthorized bottle change etc.  

For further information please contact us or visit www.provargo.com