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Pressman coolers under counter

We manufacture our own beer coolers, both ice bank coolers and glycol coolers. These coolers have been on the Thai market for more than 10 years.

Cooler Charateristics:

  • High performance agitator which is easily serviced or replaced without disconnecting beer lines.
  • Thermostat and all components accessible from outside the water bath. No need to ever disconnect beer lines for field service.
  • Beer and coolant lines are grouped for easy installation and maximum cooling effect.
  • High performance refrigeration package is tuned for tropical climates so you beer is always cold.
  • Tough, corrosion proof insulated unibody construction.
  • Fewer parts. Longer service.
  • Many connection options available.

Our coolers are available in two sizes:

  • 14 kg ice bank beer cooler with space for up to 3 coils 8 mm or up to 4 coils 6 mm
  • 21 kg ice bank beer cooler with space for up to 6 coils 8 mm or up to 7 coils 6 mm

Same two sizes are available for glycol cooling. Please contact us for more details. The coolers are made to order.