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How to plan your Draught Beer installation

It is all about keeping the beer fresh and cold from keg to glass even if it has to travel long distances. Remember; you are not making money on selling beer, you are making money on selling cold beer!

We will divide the complete installation into 4 sections: Keg storage, python, under counter and over counter. In the 5th section you will find our credentials on complete installations.

Where do you plan to store the beer kegs and gas tanks?

  • Under the bar counter, on the floor or
  • In a stand-alone purpose built refrigerator with enforced shelves or
  • In a cold storage (either air-con or chilled)

If you want to learn more about pros and cons of these options please contact us. 
When the kegs are stored away from the bar we need to install:

  • A beer pump, one for each beer running on either CO2 or compressed air.
    If the beer is running on mix gas (CO2-N2) there is no need for a beer pump.
    When the kegs are stored away from the bar a proper beer pump is needed to push the beer through the python (what is a python, click here).
  • FOB (= Foam On Beer) Detector
    A FOB detector shuts down beer flow when keg empties. This eliminates the spitting and spraying that usually happens when a keg "blows". No need to refill lines after opening new keg. Eliminates foam and wasted beer. Remember foam is beer (and beer = money).

Both beer pumps and FOBs are mounted on steel board using top quality fittings and beer lines from John Guest It is possible to pour beer from 2 taps coming out of only 1 keg. Please fill free to contact us to learn more. 

Gas tanks should preferable be stored outside the cold storage.

For some projects a refrigerator is required to store the kegs cold. There are some challenges with this set-up especially if the new kegs are not chilled in advance. Changing temperatures can cause foam problems.

As it takes time for a refrigerator to cool down a warm keg an ice bank cooler can be added to ensure cold beer at the tap.

The ice bank cooler’s agitator will provide cold water for the water circulation in the beer tower(s).




What is a “python”? A python consists of several beer lines and water liners surrounded by 20-30 mm thick insulation. The python is connected between the keg storage and the bar.

In the water lines there is ice cold water flowing forth and back to keep the beer in the beer lines cold. This ice cold water comes from the under-counter ice bank coolers.

A python should be installed early in the construction process. It can be hidden in the floor, the ceiling or in the walls. It is recommended to have a few spare beer lines in the python for eventual future expansion of your draught beer assortment.

The python is always made to order to fit the venue. There will be no joints or fittings inside the python.



Under the bar counter we place wet coolers. The python will connect to these wet coolers and the beer will flow through the coils in the water bath cooling the again just before being poured.

Between the wet cooler and the beer taps there will be another short python also with water flow to cool the beer all the way to the tap.

The agitator on the wet cooler is pumping ice cold water through the pythons.

The big question is:

Do you want a beer tower

with several taps?

Do you want single tap


Hillary 1, Bangkok

No Idea, Bangkok


Do you want wall mounted taps?

Talk of the Town, Bangkok

Click on this link to see part of our huge assortment of beer towers from several international suppliers.